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Admission Age​

According to the regulations of the Education Bureau, children entering kindergarten (K1) must be two years and eight months or older (that is, born on or before December 31, 2018), and for kindergarten/pre-Nursery (N1/Pre-Nursery), the age is two years old (that is, born on or before August 31, 2019, if the student is still under two years old after the start of school in September, the student cannot enter the school until he/she reaches two years old).

Conducting Research

Before choosing a school, parents should learn more about different schools, make more comparisons, and the followings are two suggested ways to learn about schools:

1. Go to the kindergarten website to learn about the basic information of the school, such as the environment, school philosophy, teachers, tuition, etc.
2. Ask other parents for their opinions in online discussion forums.

Admission Talks & Open Days

The admission talk is a good opportunity for parents who intend to enroll in the school to recognize the school's school policy, philosophy and curriculum. Individual schools, such as the Chinese Christian Church Wan Chai Tong Kindergarten, participating in the briefing session is a necessary for enrollment. Parents can also bring their children to participate in the school's open day. On the one hand, they can learn more about the facilities in the school. On the other hand, they can also participate in the school selection process and increase their sense of identity with the chosen school.

Due to the pandemic, many kindergartens postponed, cancelled or changed the adminssions talks to online broadcast. Parents should pay attention to those changes.

Admission date

Most kindergartens will enroll students from August 2020 to January 2021. Generally speaking, October to November is the peak period for enrollment. Parents should check with their favorite kindergarten for the exact enrollment date in order to avoid missing the application period.

Ways to Obtain the Application Forms

There are generally four ways to obtain an application form:

Obtain from school in person
Download from the school's website
Apply directly online
Mail your request to the school with
a return envelope.The form will be sent to you by the school

Parents should note that each school has different ways to provide application forms, and some schools will distribute them on a first-come, first-served basis.

Required Documents

Generally speaking, the documents required by the school are as follows:

1. Original/Copy of Birth Certificate
2. Copy of father/mother ID card
3. Original/copy of vaccination record
4. A number of return envelopes
5. Several recent half-length photos
6. Parent/Mother/Brother/Sister/ Alumnus Birth Certificate
7. Certificate of Baptism and Confirmation

Kindergarten interview


You can bring your registration certificate to the school to register within the unified registration date and pay the registration fee

Not accepted:

Continue to pay attention to the kindergarten vacancy information announced by the Education Bureau, and then apply to the kindergarten with vacancies, get the registration certificate and go to the school to register and pay the registration fee

Registration fee

According to the regulations of the Education Bureau, the upper limit of the registration fee charged by the school is $970 for half-day classes, $1,570 for whole-day classes or half of the monthly tuition, whichever is lower. The school will deduct or refund the registration fee to the parents from the tuition of the first month of school.

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