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Our Goal

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To help students develop a correct learning attitude and to spark their interests in studying through activity approach.

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Our Team

Bright Kids Plus Learning Centre
is founded by an experienced Secondary School Principal, leading a team of high-calibre university graduates, masters
and PHDs (such as Cambridge University, Oxford University, Imperial College London, University College London,
University of Hong Kong and
Chinese University of Hong Kong), experienced and qualified teachers and psychologists.​
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Our Vision 

1. Student-oriented: focus on student, respect children, understand children, and focus on the whole process and all-round teaching. Cultivate children's self-esteem, self-confidence, self-love, self-reliance, and enhance children's spiritual and cultural quality and ability to survive and develop.


2. All-round development: Pay attention to the all-round development of the child, pay attention to the completeness and comprehensiveness of the child's development, and greatly improve the child's ideological and moral quality and cultural quality. Promote children in morality, intellectual, physical, beauty, and labor.


3. Quality education: Abandon traditional education methods, pay more attention to the process of education, correct the shortcomings of traditional education, emphasize children's practical ability, cultivate and train all-round quality, and help children learn to learn and strengthen their own quality. Develop the child's potential, so that the child's knowledge, ability, and quality can be developed harmoniously.


4. Creativity: The key to changing educational concepts lies in the transformation of knowledge to creativity. Creativity is an inexhaustible resource. The modern educational philosophy emphasizes that the teaching process is a highly creative process. Through instruction, inspiration, guidance and training as the goal, children's creativity is trained, and children's creativity is fully explored and cultivated.


5. Subjectivity: Fully mobilize the initiative of the educational subject, fully affirm the child's subjective value, and maximize the child's inherent learning potential and motivation. Therefore, the teaching process is required to focus on students, activities and practice, and ignite children's enthusiasm for learning , So that children can learn actively.


Today's society is an open era, and our philosophy mainly includes educational concepts, educational methods, and the openness of the educational process, making teaching content more open, vivid and novel.


We have advanced educational concepts, adopt diversified teaching methods, supplemented by "multiple intelligence training camps" and "professional home education guidance", abandon the traditional teaching model of full-class teaching, focus on heuristic and discussion-based teaching, and strengthen preview and Parent-child interaction improves children's ability to think actively, and comprehensively expands children's learning interest and learning ability.

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