Courses' Focus

1.   In order to cater for the different needs of students, we provide a variety of courses covering Early Childhood Education, Primary School Curriculum, Secondary School and High school (DSE) curriculum.

2. Our school offers diversified courses to improve students' academic results and admit to their targeted schools.

3. Our education model encourages students to learn the suitable way of studying and evaluate their potential ability, assists them to explore their talents, and ensures our students to look forward to the future with confidence.

4. Our school adopts the small-class sized teaching approach, narrowing the individual difference in learning so that we can enhance the teaching efficiency. In a small class setting, the teacher can take good care of every child, and encourage each of them to answer questions.

5. Most of our teaching materials are prepared by professional teachers and Ph.D. students, combining creative, interactive teaching activities to stimulate their interests towards learning.

6. Our school dedicates to cultivate students’ all-round development. We will provide professional advice on choosing elective subjects, further studies, as well as overseas studies (UK, Australia, etc.).

7. Our school also provides counselling sessions for students who are in need on a regular basis, enabling them to achieve a physical and mental balance, preventing them from learning under pressure which will affect their performance.

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