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Principal's Message

We used to focus on students’ IQ (Intelligence Quotient) but neglect the importance of EQ (Emotional Quotient), AQ (Adversity Quotient) and CQ (Creative Quotient).


By founding Bright Kids Plus and adopting a lively teaching method, I hope tp help increase students’ interest in learning, improve their academic performance, and enhance their overall abilities such as their confidence and communication skills.


Spoon-feeding education has always been the norm in Hong Kong, China and Singapore. However, as the world is rapidly developing and changing, this method no longer works for the society requires students to do more than just passing exams.


Education Reform has been one of the top priorities in countries like Singapore and Australia. The main focus of these two countries is that how students can be better equipped to face a challenging future – one that is fuelled by technology and AI (Artificial Intelligence). We believe that it will be an era in need of critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which cannot be learned through spoon-feeding education.


The education system in Hong Kong needs to adapt to this trend as well.


Students in Hong Kong usually adopt an inefficient learning method which greatly reduces their sense of accomplishment. They should stop using methods like spoon-feeding and rote learning, and embrace those methods that are more effective instead. When students are motivated to learn, not only their grades will improve, their pride will also be enhanced. Apart from textbook knowledge, students should be encouraged to take part in activities that are innovative, challenging and purposeful, which will help them realize their full potential.


At Bright Kids Plus, I am not only a teacher but also a friend to my students. The Principal at a regular school may seem distant, but here we are so close that students love to share with me the interesting things they encounter in everyday life. Through listening to these anecdotes, we guide them to learn from their daily life, which is more fun than just memorizing textbooks.


My team and I have always believed in the notion that “understanding is always better than rote learning”, and we hope that our students will discover the joy of learning at Bright Kids Plus.

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