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Elite Maths Programme​

Target: Primary 3 to Secondary 1​
​$250/class (1 hour)

The main reason why many students are often helpless in Maths is that they cannot master its basic concepts and calculation skills. In our mathematics curriculum, instructors will teach different types of mathematics questions to inspire students' mathematics potential. In order to increase and consolidate students' concepts of mathematics, we will focus on cultivating students' flexible thinking and logical thinking, enhancing students' interest in learning and self-learning ability in addition to basic arithmetic exercises, so that students are sufficiently prepared to overcome various exams.

Course Feature​s

Managed by engineers from the world-renowned university - Imperial College London,

the course focuses on understanding and teaching skills.

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Based on the primary school mathematics curriculum, students can learn various calculations and application problems

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Improve students' problem-solving ability in all aspects, especially to answer questions based on the key points of application problems

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Determine the students' mathematics ability with tailor-made personal learning plans

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The teacher-student ratio is 1:6 - a small class environment, which enables teachers to guide each student according to their needs.

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Consider the immediate needs of students and the long-term learning direction, we will strategically adjust the intensity of training.

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