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1-1 Family-Based 

Phonics Class

Target: Kindergarten K1 to K3​
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 (30 mins)

Our phonics course is the most comprehensive and effective phonics course which is carefully designed by many experienced English teachers.

This course teaches the concepts and skills of English phonics to improve children's confidence in English pronunciation.

After completing the course, students can pronounce words correctly and understand the variations and principles of different pronunciations.

Instructors will also encourage students and parents to practice at home, which can not only cultivate a self-learning attitude, but also promote parent-child relationships.

Course Features

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The second stage of our centre’s three major phonics courses.

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Using the exclusive teaching materials designed by our centre, with online support, this is the most comprehensive and efficient English Phonics course.

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Via activity teaching, students can learn more vocabulary and techniques of English phonics.

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Learn the skills of pronouncing vowels, consonants, digraphs and blending.

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Parents can observe the progress of students personally, so that parents can help students revise after class.

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Upon completion of each level, a graduation certificate and a letter of recommendation from the centre will be issued, which is helpful to enrich students' learning profiles.

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