Young Author Programme​

Target: ​Kindergarten K3 and Primary 6
(1 hour)

Writing skills should be cultivated from an early age. The programme enhances children's enthusiasm for learning and improves their English writing skills. From learning to read and write, they can improve their English proficiency and self-confidence, gain motivation and stimulate imagination. During class, the children will become little writers. They will try to use their imagination to create stories in English, experience the writer's life firsthand, write, draw, and narrate their own storybooks by themselves. They will get to know English writing through an interesting learning process, and be a little Shakespeare!

Course Features​

Systematically designed by experienced English teachers based on the local English curriculum.​

Arouses students' interest in learning how to write an English storybook.

Teaches students to write, draw and narrate their own stories.

The teacher-student ratio is 1:6 - this small-class environment allows teachers to provide guidance to each student according to their needs.

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