English Reading Comprehension,

Speaking and Writing Enhancement Class

Target: Primary 1 to Primary 6

P1 - P2: $250/class (1 hour)
P3 - P4: $350/class (1 hour 30 mins )
P5 - P6: $400/class (1 hour 30 mins)

Reading comprehension and writing weight more than listening and speaking in primary school, and many entrance interviews will assess students’ reading comprehension skills to determine their English proficiency. The course covers reading, speaking and writing with various themes. By allowing students to read a large number of materials, it helps them master the skills of English reading, writing and speaking, and learn relevant vocabulary, grammar knowledge, the latest test questions and answering skills.

Course Features

This course is systematically designed by experienced English teachers based on local English curriculum, and consultation with local university professors.

Reading comprehension and question-answering skills: find out the key points of the article, learn the structure and organization of different text styles, expand vocabulary, broaden your horizons, strengthen thinking skills...

Writing skills: learn to use mind maps, analyze different article structures, and brainstorm...

Speaking skills: group discussion, free discussion, boost confidence, improve fluency...

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