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Homework Guidance Class​

Target: Primary 1 to Secondary 1​
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$2,500/month (3 days/week)
$3,000/month (5 days/week)
2 hours/day​

The most important part of homework guidance is to find out the children’s weaknesses from the homework, and explain clearly what they don’t understand, so that the children can master the knowledge they have learned and preview the new knowledge they will learn. In addition, we will also provide students with sufficient extracurricular learning materials and simulation test papers to consolidate knowledge and strive to improve students' dictation, test and examination results.

Course Features​
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The tutors all have college or university degrees and many years of teaching experience.

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Guide students to complete daily homework, review textbooks, and revise for dictations, tests and exams.

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According to the progress of individual students, the tutors will carefully select sufficient extracurricular learning materials and simulation test papers for students to consolidate their daily learning.

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The teacher-student ratio is at most 1:6 - a small class environment which enables teachers to guide each student according to their needs.

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