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Cambridge ​YLE - 

Young Learners English

​Target: kindergarten K1 to Primary 6
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(1 hour)

Cambridge English: Young Learners English is the most credible international children's English proficiency certification in the world. It will greatly help children in their future studies. It is also a necessary certificate for primary one and secondary one interviews. The Cambridge English Test is designed to assess the English proficiency of children aged four to twelve. The test is divided into three levels: the first level (Starters), the second level (Movers), and the third level (Flyers), so that students can understand their progress, enhance their learning motivation, and improve their confidence in learning English.
Our carefully prepared test preparation course comprehensively covers the test-taking skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing, allowing your children to take the test with confidence and achieve the best results.

Course Features​

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Using the latest and most comprehensive

(Presentation PLUS) textbooks published by Cambridge University Press, students are guaranteed to closely follow the Cambridge English Level Test.

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We provide a unique Cambridge English test vocabulary list to make it easier for students to master the course and exam.

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Students will master more than 200 vocabulary to improve their English comprehension.

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We teach students the skills of answering questions, so that they can master the test mode and achieve better results.

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In the examination report, the instructor will analyse the common mistakes made by the candidates in the past and strengthen the training of the candidates to facilitate better performance.

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The teacher-student ratio is 1:5 - a small class environment, which allows teachers to guide each student according to their ability.

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