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Primary School


​Target: Primary 1 to 6

Reading comprehension and writing weight more than listening and speaking in primary school, and many entrance interviews will assess students’ reading comprehension skills to determine their English proficiency. The course covers reading, speaking and writing with various themes. By allowing students to read a large number of materials, it helps them master the skills of English reading, writing and speaking, and learn relevant vocabulary, grammar knowledge, the latest test questions and answering skills.

​(1 hour)

Target: Primary 3 to Secondary 1

In addition to basic arithmetic exercises, we will focus on cultivating students' flexible thinking and logical thinking, enhancing students' interest in learning and self-learning ability, so as to increase and consolidate students' concepts of mathematics, and to help them become sufficiently prepared to face different exams.

​(1 hour)

​Target: Primary 1 to Secondary 1

Experienced tutors provide students with academic guidance and sufficient extracurricular learning materials through small group environment to improve their performance.

(3 days per week)
(5 days per week)

​Target: Kindergarten K3 to Primary 6

Writing skills should be cultivated from an early age. In this course, children will become little writers and try to use their imagination to create stories in English. They will experience what it's like to be an author, and write, draw and narrate their own storybooks by themselves.

​(1 hour)

​Target: Kindergarten K1 to Primary 3

Students will learn to pronounce words with phonics and understand the variations of different pronunciations and their principles.

​(1 hour)

Target: Kindergarten K1 to Primary 6

Our carefully prepared test preparation course comprehensively covers the test-taking skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing, allowing your children to take the test with confidence and achieve the best results.

​(1 hour)
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